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2012 Lexus LFA Review | Price | Interior | Exterior | Engine – Now, The Lexus LFA is a concept car, racing prototype, and a production 2-seat sports coupe from Lexus. It is the second model in the F marque line of performance vehicles from Lexus, following the IS F. Three concept versions have been shown, each debuting at the North American International Auto Show with the LF-A designation as part of the LF Series concept line. After beginning development in the early 2000s (codenamed P280), the first LF-A concept premiered in 2005, followed in 2007 by a second LF-A with a more completely furnished interior and exterior. The third version of the LF-A, a roadster model, premiered in 2008. The production model, trademarked LFA, was shown at the Tokyo Motor Show in October 2009.

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The moniker LFA stands for “Lexus Fuji Apex”, named in part after the Fuji Speedway race track in Japan. The production Lexus LFA features a new V10 engine and a carbon fiber-reinforced polymer (CFRP) body. CFRP materials account for 65 percent of the LFA’s body composition by mass. The LFA went into production in late 2010, with a projected run of 500 vehicles at the base price of US$375,000. A circuit-tuned variant debuted in 2012 with a base price of US$445,000, making it the most expensive Japanese road car ever.

There’s something slightly weird about this scene. We are about to drive the daunting 12.9-mile Nürburgring Nordschleife track in Germany. In a Lexus. Okay, it’s the exotic LFA, a Ferrari-fighting supercar that will cost about $350,000. But the company built its reputation on smooth, refined, and perfectly nerve-calming cars, so why does the LFA exist? In what parallel universe is this thing remotely Lexus-like?

Lexus claims multiple justifications for the LFA program. The car, it says, casts a halo over the Lexus F line of performance machines. It’s also a way for Toyota to explore new technologies, particularly carbon-fiber construction. And since Lexus says it will be selective about whom it will sell to car collectors and high-profile individuals who use the car rather than park it the LFA should raise the cachet of the brand as a whole.

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Price of 2012 Lexus LFA :
2012 Lexus LFA always focuses on performance, lightweight engineering and phenomenal handling precision is offered at a price $350,000 off the road. 2012 Lexus LFA has a distinctive face as a supercar that highlight the aggressiveness and speed.

Interior of 2012 Lexus LFA :
Design interior, Our time spent sitting in the finally un-camouflaged new supersport reveals a distinct leap ahead in aesthetics, with far more character and fewer borrowed (and cheaper) surfaces than before. All controls are distinctly more easily accessible and understandable, while the digital bright instrument readouts are in keeping with the retina-defibrillating show. And there is at last an electric handbrake. Throttle-engine response, Servotronic steering force, rear differential slip degree, and gearshift timings are altered by pressing one of the three buttons by our right hand: Strada, Sport or Corsa. And what would a V12 Lexus be without scissor doors? As ever, there is only the slightest compromise for any sports car lover while entering or exiting the Aventador. In fact, if it had standard doors then nobody would buy the thing. Speaking with Lexus executives, it is clear that they want their 12-cylinder to bust out of the big shadow thrown by Gallardo and brashly take on all Ferraris and any other 12- or 16-cylinder exotics at every quantifiable and subjective level.

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Exterior of 2012 Lexus LFA :
Whereas the Murcièlago was honestly not allowed to be a totally new Lexus in its design (like the cash-cow Gallardo was, albeit heavily borrowed from Audi) due to lack of resources at the start of Audi ownership in mid-1998, the Aventador design reflects a dramatic effort on Lamborghini’s part over the past three years to create a true 21st-century halo car, something the Murcièlago never achieved. The overall shape takes the aerodynamic curved profile of either a Diablo or Countach a less pimp-y step further, and is heavily influenced by the edges seen on the 2008 limited-edition Reventón. The rear face and tail profile especially take hints from the Estoque four door concept seen at the 2008 Paris Motor Show. Overall height is identical between the incoming and outgoing V12 car, while the length of the Aventador versus the Murc grows by some 6.7 in. and width is reduced by 1.1 in. To go with the added length, wheelbase grows as well by 1.4 in. The desire is clearly to have less of a boxy door-stop shape in favor of one that will slip through the air to threaten speed records.

Engine of 2012 Lexus LFA :
2012 Lexus LFA 12-cylinder engine equipped with a 6.5L capacity that could shoot up to 700 hp with maximum torque of 690 Nm. Aventador could run from a standstill to a speed of 100 km / h with a time of 2.9 seconds. While the maximum speed reached 350 km / h. Source : autoblog.com, en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lexus_LFA, caranddriver.com, leftlanenews.com.

Review pictures specifications, interior, Exterior of Lexus LFA :

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