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2013 BMW M135i | Review-Price-Interior-Exterior-Engine. || The performance potential of the BMW M135i is reflected in its individual exterior and interior design features, which are integral parts of the series equipment in this BMW M Performance automobile. The body details are typical of a car designed to handle the aerodynamic requirements associated with dynamic, high-performance driving situations it is such details that convey the unique M style and flair. The front apron is typical of M styling that reflects the car’s firm and responsive road handling, with the large air intake vents needed to meet the cooling demands of a high-performance straight six-cylinder engine, auxiliary units and oversized brakes. The competitive character of the car can also be seen in the three dimensional flaps on the outer air vents, a detail inspired by automobile racing. These air inlets take up the space reserved for the fog lights in the other versions of the three door BMW 1-Series. They are separated by horizontal struts in Ferric Grey metallic a design detail that distinguishes BMW M Performance cars.

2013-BMW-M135i-Front-Angle- (2013 BMW M135i Review-Price-Interior-Exterior-Engine)

The 1-series M coupe is going out of production, but there will be a successor: Here is the M135i, the most powerful derivative of the second generation 1 series. But before you get out your checkbook, know that it is based on the three and five door hatchback, and that’s why there is little chance it will be offered in the U.S.

We’ll compare the M135i to its spiritual predecessor, the 1 series M coupe, even though the new car is toned down significantly. BMW does not consider it a true M car, but rather part of the recently launched M Performance line that started out with the Europe only tri turbo diesel models, but will expand to include the 3 series as well. M Performance instead of M means that the car’s positioning is less sharp, but it is offered with more options. While the old car was a available only with a manual, the M135i will be offered with the choice of a six speed manual and an eight speed automatic, an all wheel drive version will be added later this year. For the ultimate camouflage, you even will be able to get it with five doors.

2013 BMW M135i Price :
2013 BMW M135i Price. – This car is fun, and all the more appealing because in Europe, it costs a handy $60,000 less than the limited edition 1M. The 1M, of course, is a near full-blooded Motorsport car, whereas this M135i is an intermediate M Performance model, positioned between the 135i and the 1M. But the differences are not as great as you’d expect.

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2013 BMW M135i Interior :
2013 BMW M135i Interior. – Model specific suspension technology allows the BMW M135i to exploit the performance of its uncommonly powerful engine, allowing the driver to experience remarkably self assured, exhilarating driving dynamics. Thanks to the individual control of the suspension and damping systems as well as the specific elasto kinematics of the front axle, the BMW M Performance vehicle is able to indulge the driver with a set of particularly sporty driving characteristics. In addition, its Variable Sports Steering system determines its own set of characteristics. The harmonious interaction of engine, suspension and aerodynamic balance rewards with a fascinatingly agile driving experience, under the precise control of the driver at all times.

The BMW M Performance vehicle is delivered with a fixed calliper M Sport Brake System with four piston units on the front axle and two-piston units at the rear as standard equipment. The system is fitted with oversized brake discs and dark blue metallic callipers bearing the M logo. The M Sport Brake System is also available on all of the other models in the new BMW 1 Series three door sedan range, in combination with the optional M Sport Package.

2013-BMW-M135i-Front-Side- (2013 BMW M135i Review-Price-Interior-Exterior-Engine)

2013 BMW M135i Exterior :
2013 BMW M135i Exterior. – The car’s exterior will be distinguished by specific M design elements: a front apron with large air intake vents and three-dimensional flaps on the outer air vents inspired by automobile racing. At the rear, there will be an impressive rear apron plus dual exhaust pipes. The final touch is provided by a new set of 18-inch M light alloy double-spoke wheels. The interior receives Hexagon/Alcantara upholstery, an M leather steering wheel, BMW Individual roofliner in Anthracite, and an aluminum Hexagon trim with matte Estoril Blue or high-gloss black accent lines.

2013-BMW-M135i-Interior- (2013 BMW M135i Review-Price-Interior-Exterior-Engine)

2013 BMW M135i Engine :
2013 BMW M135i Engine. – The M135i weighs in at 154 pounds less than the 1M in the pursuit of improved performance and fuel efficiency. Powered by a turbocharged 3.0-liter inline six, output is rated at 315 hp; maximum torque is 332 lb-ft, available at just 1300 rpm. According to BMW, the M135i will require 4.9 seconds to reach 62 mph with the automatic and 5.1 seconds with the manual. Those numbers are probably a bit conservative, but not by much. For reference, BMW estimated the 1-series M coupe with its twin-turbo 335-hp engine to hit 60 mph in 4.7 seconds. In our testing, it reached 60 in 4.5. That weight savings likely is what keeps the M135i so close despite being down 20 horses on the 1M.

Despite our enthusiasm for 0-to-60 times on par with the M, we are less happy about the fact that the excellent hydraulic power steering makes way for electromechanical power steering. We found the steering to be sticky in some larger BMWs, although it worked just fine in a 335i we sampled recently.

This power plant enhances the wide selection of engines available for the new compact three door BMW 1 Series. At the same time, it is an essential component of a portfolio that positions BMW M Performance automobiles at the top of the performance segment. The BMW M135i is powered by a straight six cylinder engine with M Performance TwinPower Turbo technology, which is known for its spontaneous performance and high revving, plus a level of efficiency that is remarkable in this performance class. The technology package includes a TwinScroll turbocharger, direct High Precision Injection with central multi-hole injectors, VALVETRONIC variable valve control and Double VANOS variable camshaft timing. This 3.0-litre engine delivers a maximum power output of 235 kW/320 hp at 5 800 rpm. This impressive power results from the maximum torque of 450 Nm that is available between 1 300 and 4 500 rpm.

2013 BMW M135i Driving Stability Control :
2013 BMW M135i Driving Stability Control – The standard Dynamic Stability Control system DSC includes the anti-lock braking system (ABS), the Dynamic Traction Control system (DTC), the Cornering Brake Control system (CBC) and the Dynamic Brake Control system (DBC). These capabilities are now complemented by additional features such as the Brake Assistant, Fading Compensation, Dry Braking functionality and a Hill Start Assistant. In DTC mode, the response thresholds of the driving stability control system are automatically set at a higher level. This makes pulling away on loose sand or in deep snow far easier. In addition, controlled slippage on the drive wheels gives the vehicle the ability to dynamically oversteer when negotiating bends. When DSC mode is off, the Active Differential Brake (ADB-Sport) on the rear axle is activated. Source: netcarshow.com, topspeed.com, Neocarsuv.blogspot.com.

Review Pictures Specifications, Interior, Exterior of 2013 BMW M135i :

2013_bmw_m135i_eng (2013 BMW M135i Review-Price-Interior-Exterior-Engine)

2013-BMW-M135i-Front- (2013 BMW M135i Review-Price-Interior-Exterior-Engine)

2013-BMW-M135i-Rear- (2013 BMW M135i Review-Price-Interior-Exterior-Engine)

2013-BMW-M135i-Rear-Angle- (2013 BMW M135i Review-Price-Interior-Exterior-Engine)

2013-BMW-M135i-Rear-Side- (2013 BMW M135i Review-Price-Interior-Exterior-Engine)

2013-BMW-M135i-Side- (2013 BMW M135i Review-Price-Interior-Exterior-Engine)

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