2013 Chevrolet Enjoy | Review, Price, Interior, Exterior, Engine

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2013 Chevrolet Enjoy | Review, Price, Interior, Exterior, Engine. – Welcome to Neocarsuv.Com, we will provide the latest information about the Chevrolet Enjoy. 2013 Chevrolet Enjoy is one brand new car from Chevrolet that was released in 2013. We will also review about the price, interior, exterior and engine of the 2013 Chevrolet Enjoy.

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The Enjoy is Chevrolet’s first shot at the relatively uncrowded compact MPV segment with only the Maruti Ertiga as its direct rival. The Enjoy may not look as contemporary as the Ertiga but is pleasant enough. The profile is typically MPV, the short, steeply raked nose meets the large windscreen and massive body, and there are some interesting details. There’s an attractive swage line that runs off the bottom of the grille, the prominent ‘V’ in the bonnet looks smart, and the line that runs from the front wheel arch to the rear breaks up the mass of the body quite nicely. The back of the Enjoy is, however, large and very boxy and the 14-inch wheels are a bit too small.

Though GM was having some issues when Chevrolet Spark was launched in India, the company received such wide amount of success that it made even the best of brands sweat. With the ever increasing customer base for its products, Chevrolet probably felt that it was the right time to launch their stylish MPV, Chevrolet Enjoy in the country. It is no surprise that the vehicle manufacturer tried to venture into the MPV segment considering it already had its share of success with hatchbacks and a decent response for its sedans. Chevrolet succeeded in India to an extent that reflects not just the engineering excellence but also the excellent support and service system where it really put its good foot in offering a compelling service system matching the Indian giant Maruti Suzuki. The new vehicle is offered in various trims of petrol and diesel engine models. The vehicle comes both as a seven seater as well as an eight seater for the customers to choose from. The entry level Chevrolet Enjoy is priced at 5.49 lakhs, while the top end variant is priced at Rs. 7.99 lakhs (ex-showroom Delhi prices) the variants are equipped with a 1.3-litre multijet diesel engine in all the four diesel variants and 1.4-litre petrol engine for the other four petrol variants.

2013 Chevrolet Enjoy Price :
2013 Chevrolet Enjoy to the price, we do not get accurate information. If you want to know the price of 2013 Chevrolet Enjoy, follow the development of our blog. We will provide information about the price of this car as soon as possible to you loyal readers of our blog.

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2013 Chevrolet Enjoy Interior :
Interiors are undoubtedly the most important feature of the vehicle after the exterior and the engine. Even if the vehicle is ridiculously impressive in exteriors, customers do happen to be surprised by the interiors. If the ride is not comfortable, it does not matter how fast the vehicle moves or how fuel efficient it is. Capturing the customers requirements like always, Chevrolet offered impressive interiors, which not only offer comfortable features that are also very futuristic. The beige shade really grows on the customers who can witness absolute beauty with rich build quality at an affordable price. Though the entire interior is in beige, the inner doors, etc., the front dash is offered in an amazing dark Grey shade, which really stands out. It is outstandingly well designed, well sculpted and perfectly spaced. The interiors come with a sophisticated design statement that reflects certain level of maturity, which can definitely be appreciated by the Indian customers. Features such as air conditioning, dark shaded panel on the rear doors and the arm rests all in all make up for a perfect vehicle. The headrests are also adjustable offering facility for differing demographic and sizes. The interior spacing of the vehicle is also refreshing as it spaciously fits in a lot of passengers and legroom and headroom definitely are not an issue definitely. The interiors are offered as both seven seater and an eight seater. The difference can be noticed in the mid row seating arrangement. The gap can be removed making it a single bench seat in the mid row. The vehicle however comes with standard safety features, which are present across almost all the MPVs in the present automobile market. The front seating arrangement is further beautified with the gear rod and emergency brake placed in the same beige toned structure and the floor too is aptly colored in Grey. The spacing is best in all the rows, however the mid row takes the major part of the space. Since the front seats of driver and co driver are designed ergonomically , they offer a slightly concave design giving enough room for the mid row passengers. The thigh support however is decent in the vehicle in the front row seats as well as the mid row seats. But the rear seats however come with a rather static seat design. Also, the seat adjustment is possible only for the front row and the mid row but the extreme rear seats are less flexible in a certain position and are limited in adjustment and even the thigh support is relatively less in the rear seat. The vehicle comes with a dual air conditioning system. The interior dash is developed in terms of driver facilities by giving triple cluster silver surround instrument panel. The instrument panel offers the panoramic view a further improved appeal. The impressive design offers a race car feel to the vehicle which is undoubtedly a remarkable experience for any driver. The theater style seating arrangement also allows a perfect air circulation for the passengers. However, above all, the most important and impressive feature is the tilt steering setting, which can be customized by the driver to suit individual driving comfort.

Chevrolet Enjoy comes with all the features required both for performance and entertainment. The vehicle comes with an integrated audio system with CD player, MP3 support and four speakers evenly placed with two of them in the front and two in the rear, which offer well distributed sound experience. Though the base variants lack the key music system, all other variants come with these features. The auxiliary input facility is available with the vehicle. All the variants however come with roof antenna on top. The innovative feature however remains, the small power system in the rear seating row, which can be used for charging small gadgets by the passengers.

Interiors are comfortable and certainly are spacious. To allow such space the exterior length of 4305mm is a blessing , which along with the wheelbase of 2720mm explains the spacious theater style seating arrangement. The rear cargo volume of the vehicle is 195 litres, while this can be increased to 630 litres if the rear seats are completely folded.

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2013 Chevrolet Enjoy Exterior :
Chevrolet Enjoy is a remarkable vehicle in terms of the interior spacing, exterior design but it also scores exceptionally well in terms of the machine specifications. The vehicle is equipped with a powerful 1.4-litre petrol engine which is capable of creating a massive 102.6bhp output. The vehicle is capable of producing impressive mileage too due to the innovative VGIS technology and the included five speed manual transmission. The urban mileage of the Chevrolet Enjoy is 11.2 Kmpl , while the same on highways peaks to an impressive 13.7 Kmpl, which is really a good target. Moreover, since the vehicle is offered in four diesel variants, the mileage of the vehicle is good as is, it also offers a promising fuel economy. There is no hiding that the petrol prices are ever increasing and considering the fact that India is one of the prime nations, who commute as families frequently, Chevrolet Enjoy seems to fit in perfectly as it offers enough space for a family, it offers enough power to pull of a powerful ride and in spite of all this, it provides a promising fuel economy and of course the economical price tag.

The exteriors are designed to be comfortable for urban commuting though the passenger spacing is a prime criteria. Surprisingly, Chevrolet seems to have found a balance between these two polar parameters. The overall length of the Chevrolet Enjoy is 4305mm, while the overall width measures 1680mm. The overall height of this vehicle is1750mm and it also has a large wheelbase of 2720mm as well.

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2013 Chevrolet Enjoy Engine :
Though international automobile manufacturing companies usually claim to know the Indian automobile market, very few of them actually take out their resources in engineering equipments suiting the customer requirements. Chevrolet sure claims to be one such manufacturer. With Chevrolet Enjoy MPV, the manufacturer offers a vehicle that is not just efficient in exterior design and interior comfort but also an effective machine under the hood. The engines follow the innovative and superior Chevrolet SMARTECH engine options catering both performance oriented customers as well as the customers inclined towards fuel economy. The two engines, 1.3-litre SMARTECH turbo charged diesel engine as well as the 1.4-litre SMARTECH petrol engine offer equally efficient choices for the customers with their powerful performance based design, which stands as a benchmark to several technological purposes in engine manufacturing at Chevrolet. The 1.3-litre SMARTECH turbo charged DOHC diesel engine was even manufactured at the GM manufacturing plants in Pune, so that the efficiency, performance and other aspects can be made and verified from close corners of the Indian automobile demographic. The hydraulic lash adjusters in the engine adjust the maintenance hassles and even the common rail fuel injection system helps the Chevrolet Enjoy to literally enjoy a fuel efficient and smooth functioning irrespective of the terrain the vehicle is driven on. While the 1.3-litre diesel engine undoubtedly scores with the mileage and efficiency, the petrol engine too has its perks and exceptional on road performance are definitely some of them. The 1399cc engine effectively offers 76.4bhp in the diesel version and 102.6bhp of output with the petrol engine option.

Chevrolet has a reputation of making vehicles with decent power parameters. The petrol and the diesel engine equally offer a compelling power value. The petrol engine has a 1.4-litre engine capacity that offers high amount of acceleration, good mileage and an amazing pick up as well. But with Chevrolet Enjoy, the manufacturer did try to offer the best of all. With a maximum power output of 102.6bhp at 6000rpm , this MPV offers one of the impressive engines to look forward to in recent times. The torque generated by the engine too is amazing at 131Nm at 4400rpm. The SMARTECH engine technology does offer the Chevrolet Enjoy an edge over other competitors. But while the petrol is offering exceptional performance, the 1.3-litre turbo charged DOHC diesel engine does make up for the power in the low inertia valve train with hydraulic lash adjusters it has which reduces maintenance issues. The diesel engine is also known for the obvious fuel economy and impressive mileage. With a power output of 76.4bhp at 4000rpm and powerful torque of 188Nm at 1750rpm, this latest MPV hits all the right notes.

Review Pictures Specifications, Interior, Exterior, Engine of 2013 Chevrolet Enjoy :

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