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2013 Ford C Max | Review, Price, Interior, Exterior, Engine. – Welcome to Neocarsuv.Com, we will provide the latest information about the Ford C Max. 2013 Ford C Max is one brand new car from Ford that was released in 2013. We will also review about the price, interior, exterior and engine of the 2013 Ford C Max.

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The world of the gasoline electric hybrid vehicle is evolving at a far more rapid pace today than it has at any other point in its 12 or so years of existence. The emergence of newer, more compact and more powerful batteries, with quickly rising expectations for fuel economy on the part of the American consumer, as well as regular spikes in gas prices have all worked to create conditions that are excellent for hybrid car development.

To date, Toyota has been the best at surfing this ever growing wave of hybrid demand, but in the last year, Ford’s plan to offer the most fuel efficient product in every market segment has started to bear fruit. From comparatively frugal turbocharged V6 power in its pickup trucks and utilities, all the way to fully electric vehicles, the current and pending line of Ford vehicles hopes to set economy standards for the rest of the industry. The C-Max, Ford’s tall, narrow and capacious ode to European people movers is, perhaps, the most apt at carrying forward the message of the brand’s new found fuel frugalness, with both a hybrid model and this new plug in hybrid, the C-Max Energi.

Can’t decide between an EV, a regular hybrid, or a plug in hybrid?… Come 2012, you won’t have to make that decision until after arriving at a Ford dealership. Following the recently unveiled Focus Electric, Ford is announcing the C-Max hybrid and C-Max Energi plug in hybrid at the 2011 Detroit auto show.

The 2013 Ford C-Max Hybrid represents the first straight up competitor to the legendary Toyota Prius hybrid, and it’s home grown and assembled in Michigan. This is Ford’s first dedicated hybrid, meaning there’s no gasoline only version of the C-Max sold in the U.S. In exterior size and internal capacity, the tall, compact five door hatchback neatly splits the difference between the standard Prius Liftback and the new for 2012 Prius V wagon. The C-Max Hybrid model will be followed in a few months by the C-Max Energi, the first ever plug-in hybrid Ford has offered. It will face off against the Prius Plug-In Hybrid, though it promises a longer all electric range. But we haven’t yet driven that car, and this review deals solely with the hybrid model which will be the volume seller in the C-Max range.

Product planners and engineers focused on styling, packaging, efficiency, and price. Only two models will be available this summer: a $25,995 entry level SE and $28,995 range topping SEL, both with varying equipment groups that include options like MyFord Touch, panoramic roof, rearview camera, and interior lighting. Ford loaded our SEL to the gills and included all of those options plus the trick power liftgate. A simple wave of your foot below the rear bumper opens the hatch for easy loading when your hands are full.

2013 Ford C Max Price :
Pricing for the new 2013 Ford C Max has been set at  $25,200 – $28,200 based on current exchange rates. If there are changes on the 2013 Ford C Max we will notify you as soon as possible, so keep follow our blog.

If we limit the competitors to other plug ins like the Volt and Prius, this C-Max Energi stacks up really nicely. All three vehicles are eligible for different Federal tax incentives, with the most generous going to the Volt ($7,500), second biggest to C-Max ($3,750) and a still-significant $2,500 to the Prius. The net result is a Ford that starts at just under $30k, a Toyota that asks just over $30k and a Chevrolet for about $32,500. In other words, all three cars are really close. We love the greater range and power of the Volt, for sure, but our enthusiasm is tempered by the increased cargo and passenger space of the C-Max. The Ford feels quite a bit more cutting edge than the Prius, though the Toyota does earn back serious brownie points for having a strong track record of reliability and great resale value. We’d still give the C-Max the edge (just) in this trifecta, if it were our money on the line, for having the best price, the best overall fuel economy, the most malleable interior space and the most entertaining handling.

At $25,995 including delivery, Ford has kept the base price of the C-Max Hybrid below that of the Prius V wagon (starting at $27,345 with delivery), though the hybrid C-Max costs about $1,200 more than the base Prius Liftback model. While the standard Prius will continue to reign as the most fuel efficient (non plug in) car sold in the U.S., the added cargo capacity, people space, and fuel economy of the C-Max and its more relaxed operation under heavy loads may prove formidable competition for the Prius V wagon.

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2013 Ford C Max Interior :
The very tall C-Max shape means that headroom, in the front and the rear of the car, is more than ample. Driver and front seat passenger will find more than enough room for feet, knees and elbows, too, while the backseat room feels almost as capacious. The passenger compartment feels every bit as roomy as the larger Prius V.

By comparison then, the C-Max offers quite bit more room for passengers than does the Prius Plug-in, while coming up slightly shy in terms of raw cargo space. The volume measurements bear that out, as does the shape of the Energi’s hatch, which is significantly impacted by the large battery pack in the bottom of it. Ford has done its best to add utility around the battery there’s a small space just in front, and with a cargo net that would be big enough to secure a gallon of milk but too small to fit a standard paper grocery bag. But ultimately you’re going to lose a significant bit of hauling capacity if you opt for the Energi over one of the other members of the C-Max line or one of the Toyotas.

The hybridized C-Max will use a powertrain similar to that in the Ford Fusion and Lincoln MKZ hybrids. No details have been supplied, but we expect an Atkinson cycle four cylinder coupled to a hybrid motor and electronics similar to what’s used in the aforementioned sedans. Ford says the C-Max hybrid will have better fuel economy ratings than those cars’ 41-mpg city number. The C-Max will also be able to reach higher speeds in EV mode than the Fusion and MKZ’s 47 mph.

It’s sometimes hard to say exactly what kind of car the 2013 Ford C-Max Hybrid is. Europeans consider it a small minivan like the Mazda5 while in the States, where no gasoline only version is sold, it’s a five door dedicated hybrid hatchback. Ford calls it a Multi Activity Vehicle, but we’re not going to be sucked into another acronym, so we’ll settle on five door hatchback or, if you like, wagon.

My impromptu spiel also outlined its Prius V-beating 47 mpg EPA fuel ratings in city, highway, and combined situations. During my week of normal driving, I achieved single tank ranges of 523 miles and 547 miles (Ford says it’ll go 570 miles) and easily attained an indicated 44 mpg without hyper miling or careful use of the regenerative brakes.

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2013 Ford C Max Exterior :
That Prius beating dynamic sense is amped up quite a bit when the driving moves from the freeway to surface streets, and especially on the enthusiastic two lane roads like those that line the California coast. Keeping all that battery ballast low to the ground has a positive effect on the C-Max’s outright handling. The car moves through corners smoothly and confidently, with nicely weighted steering helping a driver draw a true line with the front wheels on fast, sweeping turns. Push the plug-in hybrid and its hefty load of batteries a little harder through curves that are closer to the tight stuff we found in the hills north of San Francisco, and the front end will push wide, tires will struggle for grip, the suspension will start to float and bounce and the feel-free steering will make the whole experience a little scary at the limit. In fact, after quickly proving to ourselves that the Energi would not, in fact, be doing a Mini Cooper impression anytime soon, we settled in and drove it in a manner that’s closer to what it was designed to do. That’s not a gripe really; the C-Max is a lot more competent for the occasional burst of enthusiast driving than plug-ins like Prius and Volt, but it’s no sports car.

If you drive it with the A/C blasting, radio blaring, and the occasional jackrabbit start from a stoplight, you’ll easily see 35 plus mpg, thanks to its highly efficient 2.0 liter Atkinson four cylinder that’s good for 141 hp and 129 lb ft of toque, 118 hp electric motor, and library quiet HF35 eCVT transmission. Together they produce a relatively hefty and “real car” like 188 horsepower. Getting it up to 62 mph on electricity alone is the real deal the C-Max will gladly stroll on battery power when prodded judiciously.

Of course, if it really were our hard-earned cash being thrown down for a monthly payment, we’d still probably opt for the $5,000 cheaper, 47 mpg C-Max with the boring old parallel hybrid powertrain. We’d drop the eye popping economy figures for some that are merely excellent, and come away with enough money to keep it gassed up for a few years, at least. It’s worth saying that unless you can consistently make do with 21 miles of EV only range, it’ll take some time to make up the purchase price premium on better fuel economy alone.

The exterior lines are nowhere near as racy as the Focus five door hatchback, but this car serves a different audience: buyers who want the highest gas mileage and a car whose style says it’s a hybrid. We’re not sure how successful that latter message is, since the C-Max shape isn’t nearly as distinctive and iconic as the ultra aerodynamic Prius profile. Perhaps in time, observers will link the C-Max shape to “hybrid” but we’re not betting the farm on it.

The interior of the C-Max is considerably more stylish and comfortable than the bland exterior. It shares many styling cues with the Focus hatchback and sedan not surprising, since the cars are built on the same assembly line and use the same compact understructure. Even though the C-Max doesn’t offer as much cargo capacity as the Prius V (52.6 cubic feet versus 67.3 with the 60/40 split rear seats folded down), there’s still plenty of room to load the table, plus a sack of practice volleyballs, a large ice chest and two adult-size folding chairs. For day to day use, the 24.5 cubic feet behind the C-Max’s backseat is a nice step up from her second gen Prius hatch’s 14.4 cubes.

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2013 Ford C Max Engine :
The advanced powertrain is also configurable in one of three modes: EV Auto mode lets the C-Max brain choose to use both engine and motor at its own discretion, EV Now mode requires the vehicle to use only the electric motor for as long as the batteries have enough charge, and EV Later uses only the gasoline engine and stores up battery charge. Unlike the C-Max Hybrid, which maxes out its EV mode at 62 miles per hour, the Energi can travel up to 85 mph in pure EV form, while boasting a max gas free range of 21 miles on a full charge. Topping off the battery pack takes around two and a half hours on a 240 volt charger, while the more common 120 volt affair increases full charge time to about seven hours. That’s still palatable, from the standpoint of a night’s sleep or a standard shift at work, we’d argue.

The result of all this is pretty impressive when translated from the spec sheet to the road. Though far from being a rapid thing outright, the Energi delivers a torque pop from standing starts that makes one disbelieve its modest 129 pound feet output. Twist from the electric motor is delivered to the front wheels almost instantaneously and makes the slender C-Max a great tool for gap shooting in traffic laden areas. Our test drive started smack in the middle of downtown San Francisco, heading north out of the city to the famed Golden Gate, so we had ample opportunity to play with the bob and weave factor. In fact, using the electric only mode was well suited to this kind of intra urban driving, as the full force of the horsepower isn’t needed so much as that low down power.

The gas engine alone delivers 129 pound feet of torque. Ford has not released a combined torque rating, but the C-Max Hybrid provides solid midrange response on the highway. It’s not particularly strong from a stop, though, a trait our test drivers observed at the track: “Pretty pokey off the line, but once under way, the C-Max gets with the program with a seamless blending of engine/electric motor power.”

The C-Max delivers a 0-60 mph time of 8.1 seconds (7.7 seconds with 1 foot of rollout as on a drag strip). Now, Danielle doesn’t know if that’s good or bad, but once we’re on the freeway, she definitely notices that the C-Max is about 2 seconds quicker to 60 mph than the Prius V and her aging 2004 Prius.

Review Pictures Specifications, Interior, Exterior, Engine of 2013 Ford C Max :

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