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2013 Toyota Tacoma|Review-Price-Exterior-Interior | Now, 2013 Toyota Tacoma has a shape like a pickup car or a truck. If you look 2013 Toyota Tacoma for the first time, you will see that this vehicle appears like a strong, chic, manly, and give symbol of bravery to the rider. In the car’s surface, this model looks gallant which it has a striking when the oil contact the body. 2013 Toyota Tacoma also has big tires which it suit to different types of conditions so that the driver can ride the car in any type of surface.

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The 2013 Toyota Tacoma is powered by safer antilock brakes, two V6 engines, 2 types 4-cylinder engines to make this car can be drove by two ways, automatic transmission and manual transmission. Besides that, 2013 Toyota Tacoma have made with so many modifications and with good stuffs compared by previous series, 2013 Toyota Tacoma, such as it has bigger wheels to give convenience and enhance the rider to drive easily.

The Toyota Tacoma hasn’t changed significantly in many years. And while it’s carried into 2013, the proportions of the grille have been stretched just a bit, and the bumper and lower dam area have been contoured to look more aggressive with the net effect painting the front end as a bit taller than wider than before, even if it isn’t. Otherwise, at least on the outside, the Tacoma continues its relatively traditional compact truck design, with a little added flair, paired with the chunky, down to business look, with flared wheel wells, that nearly all Toyota trucks have had in recent years. Inside, Toyota has toned down the matte-metallic onslaught of the outgoing model and blacked out the center-stack area, around audio and climate controls, leaving brightwork around the steering wheel and vents. Likewise, it’s thrown out the orange-red lighting and replaced it with a cool-blue backlit look, in line with what’s been introduced in new models like the 2013 Camry.

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Tacoma series from Toyota is a perfect choice for you who want to get the off road car that has an elegant designed. The Tacoma series is famous because of its shape which combines the toughness of off road car and the elegance of the sport or family car. So, what is new from the 2013 series? If we take a look at 2013 Toyota Tacoma, we will immediately realize that the overall design of the 2013 series is the adaptation of the 2011 series. So, basically the specs of the 2013 version and 2011 version are similar. Both are almost identical in look and technology. The body of Tacoma 2013 is similar to the 2011 version, but it is good news since 2011 series gets positive response regarding the body design. The good aspects about Tacoma 2013 are predictable such as it light in weight, easy to drive and adapts high technology security and safety system. The car is featured the antilock brakes. The engine for the car is a set of two V6 engines and 2 types 4 cylinder engines so that there are two options to drive the car, with automatic transmission and also manual transmission. The wheels of the car are bigger than the previous series, 2012 Tacoma that create a tougher impression.

Opting for Ye Olde Four-Speed Automatic with the four-cylinder engine will add $900 to the bottom line, while ticking the box for the Access Cab will bring the sticker up to $19,665 with a manual transmission. The least-expensive Double Cab with a four cylinder and automatic (manual gearboxes are not offered on four-door models) will cost $22,175.

The cheapest way to get into a V6 Tacoma is to opt for the PreRunner package and five-speed automatic gearbox for $22,760. Want four-wheel drive? Be prepared to write a check for $20,725 with the four cylinder (Regular Cab, five-speed manual) or $25,055 with the V6 (Access Cab and six speed manual).

Going for broke? Fill out the paperwork for a V6-powered Long Bed Double Cab with a five-speed automatic and be prepared to spend $27,835 for the privilege of driving it off the lot. Each of these figures is a wee bit higher than last year, and you can read all about it in detail after the break. Source:thecarconnection.com, autoblog.com, newcarsreleasedate.com.

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