2014 Ferrari F70

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2014 Ferrari F70Ferrari F70 is the name given by the press of a car built by Ferrari, the supercar is expected. Be based on research findings from the test it is to the Ferrari FXX, which is done in Millechili project of the University of Modena has been expected. In the context of the Millechili project, following the Ferrari super car that weighs less than (2205 pounds) has led to speculation one thousand kilometers. Subsequent speculation of February 2012, V12 of F70 is complemented by 120hp KERS can be proposed unit has a capacity of around 7.3 liters 800hp, to be used in short bursts.

2014 Ferrari F70 12 2014 Ferrari F70

2014 Ferrari F70

Ferrari has already confirmed that the two for the future. It was the fact that the V-12 features a hybrid drive train is called the HY-KERS system immediately to come first. Ferrari and the second vehicle has been confirmed, such as new Enzo, was proud of the fact that HY-KERS system as its power plant, that will debut in the next few years.

Arrival of any new Ferrari, but is bound by many fans are eagerly awaited around the world, sharper than the successor of the famous Enzo, has been a few. Following the line through the F40, of which dates back to the 288 GTO, Hyper-line state-of-the-art new car is now well on the road to prepare Enzo, from Maranello recently and F50. We have been told to expect its arrival in less than a year from now at the Geneva Motor Show in 2013, speculation of an infinite while to fill the blank up to now, we have a spy shot of the currently displayed to know that Ferrari is working on – have the first batch of us – to some extent, anyway.

2014 Ferrari F70 01 2014 Ferrari F70

Review Ferrari F70

Some snooping, even around, “Enzo” This new production that can bear the name of the F70. Now, For more information about the F70 This appointment will, at best, missing, we are more in the metal slab has a fixed place poorly in the bolt on top of it all we have seen in the form of a video it Italy looks like a 458 test mule that is some spy shots. The same ring true of the interior, In order to reduce the weight as we know, F70 is to include a panel of some carbon fiber.

We also turn on the power (hybrid Kinetic Energy Recovery System) 12 HY-KERS 6.3-liter V about fairly. Starting from the side of the internal combustion engine, but you know, this engine, you can use the multi-spark technology, will be as efficient as possible – a set of spark cooler piston to move upward – to the fuel prior to each cylinder top dead center that hit to ensure you’re not wasted by the spark plug firing multiple times. The 7-speed dual-clutch transmission link, in this internal combustion engine.

2014 Ferrari F70 03 2014 Ferrari F70

New Ferrari F70

458 test mule expansion of spy shots of these while wearing a body and a jumble of sheet metal comical horribly clad was thrown together in a (with off light), we have this back room in Maranello apparently instead, rolling test bed of the components that make the finished product – – successor has said is not the actual prototype of the Enzo, but will wear a different name, please to be called the project F70 inside.

In the electrical side, has a set of components work together for optimum efficiency. 7-speed on the back of the transformer, has a high-power traction motor. This motor, in addition to the engine power to be supplied to it, ‘s 7-speed power transformer. If necessary, charge the battery, auxiliary generator is connected to the gasoline engine. Finally, the hybrid power supply system with two inverters and smart cooling at the top of the transmission.

It is, by the electric power-assisted hybrid, production and extend the more power, 6.2-liter V12 engine new for Ferrari uprated (and, turned from the back) are expected to include the version from F12 Berlinetta. Despite the trump hybrid added, F70 is said to have been lighter still, it is less than 2.5 seconds, spraying for the Bugatti Veyron and a top speed of more than 250 miles per hour will be sent when you run up to 60 from the target 0 You.

Of all this crazy technology, the 0 to 200 km per hour time of 6.5 seconds and a combination of horsepower (124 miles) 920 plops down Nantes. In addition, this is what 40% 10% or more, it discards the CO2 emissions than the first test. Us a lot of information has become more available, so will continue to maintain the updates added to this review.

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