Chevrolet Avalanche Reviews Specs and Price

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Chevrolet Avalanche Reviews Specs and Price – Full-size pickups stake their reputations on towing and payload–so what’s the be made of a truck that blurs the line between truck bed and cabin? That’s the question you have to ask when you consider the Chevrolet Avalanche, a derivative of GM’s big pickups that offers a nearly unique solution to the dilemma of truck owners who don’t need another vehicle, but sometimes need a more flexible pickup.

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The ‘Lanche was new, and changed along with the rest of GM’s trucks in the 2007 model year. It’s a truck in silhouette, but the big pillars behind the rear doors are the first clue that this isn’t simply a four-door with a bed. Those pillars are the feature that distinguishes the Avalanche from the very similar Silverado and even the GMC Sierra otherwise, it’s nearly their identical twin, from the big split-grille front end to the stubby truck bed out back. Inside, when everything’s in its resting state, the cabin could be confused for the ones in other GM trucks–either as a five-passenger truck with a wide console and nicely chosen materials and trim, or a more basic-looking six-passenger version with no console, and a plainer dash.

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When it’s in an altered state, the Avalanche swaps some of that interior space for pickup-bed capacity. It’s simple: just lower the rear window, fold away the rear seats and flip some latches, and the cabin’s rear wall flips down. That extends the Avalanche’s otherwise abbreviated truck bed into something way more useful for the average contractor, since it grows from 5′ 3″ to 8′ 2″, and since the bed wall has a tough surface so it really can be used for truck-type hauling. The downside: the conversion leaves the cabin open to the elements. And yes, those rear seating positions go away, but even though you’ll have mixed feelings on their departure (the rear seatback sits too upright for real comfort), you could run into some extreme first-world issues if you’re trying to bring home a new bathroom vanity and in-laws. That’s rare, though, and most of the time the Avalanche is the only solution for suburbanites stuck between SUVs and pickups and a lack of parking spaces. It’s the Murphy bed of trucks–not for everyone, but for those few, the only truly workable solution, except for its near-twin, the scary-expensive Cadillac Escalade EXT.

The Chevrolet Avalanche is one of the industry’s most flexible utility vehicles, combining the passenger-comfort attributes of a SUV with the cargo capability of a truck. It is based on GM’s full-size SUV platform, offering flex-fuel capability; a sharp, precise driving feel; interior refinement and notable quietness. And when it comes to pulling its weight on the job, it has a maximum towing capacity of 8,100 pounds (3,674 kg).

Avalanche is a perfect blend of flexibility and functionality for people who want to be ready for anything at a moment’s notice. That’s because Avalanche can keep up with your pace of life by changing from an SUV to a pickup truck in less than a minute. Step inside and you’ll enjoy the comfort, look and feel of an upscale SUV. And whenever you need it, you’ll also have the capability and power of a full-size pickup.

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Price of Chevrolet Avalanche Review :
Avg. Paid:$36,560 – $49,639
MSRP: $36,800 – $50,305
Invoice: $34,224 – $46,784
MPG: 15 City / 21 Hwy

Interior of Chevrolet Avalanche Review :
Avalanche’s interior delivers a high level of refinement, comfort, quality and convenience. The front seats are comfortable and allow easy entry/egress. The rear seat is unique to the Avalanche and enables easy access to the Midgate system. The seat folds flat, allowing longer items to be carried between the cargo bed and into the rear passenger compartment.
Comfort features include an efficient HVAC system, and generous storage capability – with the segment’s largest center console storage bin, a large glove box and numerous storage compartments. Avalanche also offers a host of available convenience features, including:
* Ultrasonic Rear Parking Assist
* Remote vehicle starting
* Driver information center
* Tri-zone automatic HVAC
* Rearview camera system
* Touch-screen navigation system
* DVD rear-seat entertainment system with eight-inch screen that can play videos stored on iPods.

Review pictures specifications, interior, Exterior of Chevrolet Avalanche :

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