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Gumpert Apollo Review, Specs, Pictures & Price – Roland Gumpert, an engineer who played a major role in Audi’s motorsport campaigns, envisions creating a car that is so aerodynamically efficiently that it can drive on the roof of a tunnel. In 2004, he founded his own company, Gumpert Sportwagenmanufaktur GmbH. Based in Germany; it released its first car, the Gumpert Apollo, in 2006. And wow, that car was just special.

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“It has always been a dream of mine to have a car that has so much downforce, such aerodynamic efficiency that you could drive on the roof of a tunnel at high speed – and this car can.” These were the words of Roland Gumpert a little over a decade ago when he was fresh of leaving his job as the director of Audi Sport. During his tenure with the Ingolstadt-based automaker, he oversaw a team that won a total of 25 World Rally Championship races and four World Rally Championship titles.

In 2004, Gumpert officially founded GMG Sportwagenmanufaktur Altenburg GmbH in Altenburg, Germany, thus paving the way for the birth of one of the most exotic niche German supercars of the past decade: the Gumpert Apollo. Since it’s debut in 2006, Gumpert has developed four different versions of the Apollo, including the recently debuted 2010 Apollo Sport that made its first appearance at last year’s Geneva Auto Show. In the six years since its debut, Gumpert has gone from the Apollo to the 2010 Apollo Sport, an impressive run of supercars that has become a fashionable name in the industry, giving Gumpert all the validation he needed when he said that he wanted to build his own supercar on his own terms.

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In 2001 Roland Gumpert propose a new generation of sports cars. One of the first concern of this car is a street legal car that highway, but ready for the race track. Gumpert returned to Germany in late 2001, after more than three years in China. There he was head of sales and marketing, responsible for the development of the company’s dealer network of Audi-VW. Right after he returned to Germany, Roland Mayer asked if he would help in building a prototype sports car. Gumpert approved Audi involvement in this project, on condition that, if they eventually develop a new sports car, it’s not a prototype, but the product series.

Price of Gumpert Apollo Review :
Price of Gumpert Apollo – Depending on the trim and optional equipment installed, the Gumpert Apollo costs in between $288,000 dollars to $438,000 dollars. A high price for sure, but only a few cars can compete against it, no matter what the price tag. It is one of the absolute fastest cars in the world, and will continue to be for years to come.

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Exterior and Interior Gumpert Apollo Review :
Exterior and Interior Gumpert Apollo – The 2006 Gumpert Apollo was a mid-engine supercar that combined the extreme aerodynamic requirements of a performance-oriented, purist super sports car while also taking the shape of a vehicle that stands out from the rest of the pack. The car’s streamlined look underlies the ideal dimensions – 4,460 mm x 1,998 mm x 1,114 mm with a wheelbase measuring 2,700 mm – set forth to provide the best value of aesthetics and performance all rolled into one.

The Apollo was given air inlets and outlets in the front and on the side in front of and behind the doors, providing the car’s two turbo-chargers and the high-performance braking system with enough fresh air to ensure that the car maintains optimum operation for the duration of a race. Meanwhile, engineers also added a high-set air intake for the engine that provides the cool air to the engine while vents in the back and the rear of the car body provided a clear glimpse of the Apollo’s chassis. There’s also a diffuser that gives the supercar all the negative lift it needs to stay on the ground while blasting off at insane speeds.

One of Gumpert’s top priorities in building the original Apollo was to make it as light as possible. So they went out and used carbon fiber on the monocoque as well as the integrated instrument panel. The seats were likewise integrated into the monocoque with the seat positions individually customized for each customer depending on their preferences on the padding, upholstery, adjustable pedals, and the steering column of the car. It was a choice between comfort and performance with Gumpert adhering to whatever the customer wished for. The interior also came with a full leather instrument panel, an air conditioning system, a high-end navigation system with DVD-Player, and a sound system to provide the in-car entertainment. The backward facing camera integral to the system also allows the driver to gauge his distance when reversing or if he needs a chuckle or two, it also shows how quickly the overtaken cars disappear from view.

The Gumpert Apollo is a distinctively shaped vehicle that takes no compromise in its pursuit of performance. One of the more elegant and unique looking vehicles on the planet, it has an extremely aerodynamic design that is more than capable of holding its own even on insane speeds. Various inlets located on the front and side of the car ensure that the turbocharged engine and brakes receive sufficient cooling, a crucial element for the high stress nature of racing. A huge roof scoop provides air for the engine that is located just in front of the rear axle.

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Performance Gumpert Apollo Review :
Performance Gumpert Apollo – The engine used for this car is a 4.2 liter V8 sourced from Audi. Armed with fuel injection, dry sump lubrication, and 2 turbochargers, it is capable of producing 640 horsepower. This engine is further strengthened in Sport trim (690HP), and produces even more in Race trim (790HP). This is enough to produce unbelievable acceleration numbers: zero-to-100 kilometers per hour comes in 3.0 seconds (some even attain times in the 2 second range) and zero-to-200 kilometers per hour comes in a mind boggling 8.9 seconds.

Top speed is recorded at 225 miles per hour. To prove its capability, it made records in various tracks: 7 minutes and 11 seconds is what the Apollo took to finish 1 lap of the Nurburgring, and was for some time the record holder in the TV show Top Gear, notching a lap time of 1 minute and 17.1 seconds.

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Engine Gumpert Apollo Review :
The Apollo uses a 4163 cc bi-turbo intercooled version of the Audi V8 engine. The 90° V8 has a closed-deck light metal crankcase with dry sump lubrication. The light metal cylinder heads have five valves per cylinder, four overhead camshafts, VarioCam Direct variable valve timing on the intakes, and hydraulic valve clearance compensation. The double-flow exhaust system has four oxygen sensors to monitor the gas mixture, and a 3-way catalytic converter. Modern controls include an on-board diagnostic system, eight-coil electronic ignition, sequential multipoint fuel injection, and an electronic (drive by wire) accelerator system.

There are 3 engine types available :
Base version – approximately 650 PS (478 kW; 641 bhp)
Sport version – approximately 700 PS (515 kW; 690 bhp)
Race version – approximately 800 PS (588 kW; 789 bhp)

Speed overview (650HP) :
Top speed is 360.4 km/h (223.9 mph)
0-100 km/h (62 mph) reached in 3.1 seconds
0-200 km/h (120 mph) in 9.1 seconds.

Dimensions Gumpert Apollo Review :
Length: 4,460 mm (176 in)
Width: 1,998 mm (78.7 in)
Height: 1,114 mm (43.9 in)
Wheel Base: 2,700 mm (110 in)

Weight Gumpert Apollo Review :
Curb Weight: under 1,200 kg (2,600 lb)
Total Allowed Weight: 1,500 kg (3,300 lb)

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Information Specification Gumpert Apollo :
Manufacturer : Gumpert
Production : 2005–present
Class : Sports car
Layout : rear-wheel drive
Engine : 4.2 L (260 cu in) twin-turbocharged V8
Transmission : 6-speed sequential manual
Wheelbase : 2,700 mm (106.3 in)
Length : 4,460 mm (175.6 in)
Width : 1,998 mm (78.7 in)
Height : 1,114 mm (43.9 in)
Curb weight : 1,100 kg (2,400 lb) to 1,200 kg (2,600 lb)
Designer : Roland Gumpert, Roland Mayer

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