Review Hyundai HB 2013

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Review Hyundai HB 2013 – Every car company must develop a competitive platform in the future is looking to maximize the usage. Volkswagen Group is a great example, on the MQB platform Germany has planned no fewer than 40 models. Create a platform with such flexibility comes with a risk but not the first time we see the manufacturers stretch the limits of their elegant platform.

Hyundai has developed the latest version of the B + segment hatchback codenamed HB to the market in the State of Brazil. Hyundai Kia does not sell small cars in Brazil. In Brazil the country is very popular and Hyundai HB greatly admired by women in women or men. The range starts with a sophisticated i30 station wagon and stretched up to the modern HD78 truck.

Review Hyundai HB 2013

Review Hyundai HB 2013

Market study in Brazil may prove that the i20 is either not big enough or can not be built at the right price. Therefore, HB Hyundai decided to study the family car buyers the choice of Brazil and tastes and Hyundai HB modeling, such as HA 800cc is for the State of India, a project specific market.

Hyundai HB is expected to be graced Hyundai showrooms in the first half of 2013 following a sedan and a mini SUV to be built. This information was leaked by the BNDES (Banco Nacional do Desenvolvimento) stating 307 million will be invested by Hyundai real on future projects, which certainly will result in cars and luxury cars advanced. 65% of the cars will be sourced from within Brazil and second derivatives of the Hyundai HB platform could be launched next year.

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