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2013 Vauxhall Adam | Review-Price-Interior-Exterior-Engine. || Vauxhall has recently revealed the Vauxhall ADAM 2013, a city car that boasts a high degree of customization and what the company hopes to be a better alternative to the Audi A1, the Fiat 500 or the Citroen DS3. Let’s take a look at its main characteristics and see how it fares against the competition.

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Under its bonnet the ADAM is equipped with a brand new 1.2 liter engine developing 69 horsepower, or a 1.4 liter unit that is able to develop either 86 or 99 horsepower depending on the variant. Regardless of which engine you’ll choose, the ADAM comes with a five speed manual gearbox as a standard and the option of fitting a start stop system for better fuel efficiency.

Vauxhall released the first official pictures of the new Vauxhall ADAM, heralding a sea change in the fashion led A sector with an urban chic car that can be personalised in over a million different ways. Using premium materials and design cues often found in the luxury sector, Vauxhall ADAM is a three door, four seater that will be unveiled at the 2012 Paris Motorshow, before appearing in UK showrooms early in 2013. Designed by Brit, Mark Adams’ team in Europe, ADAM incorporates a ‘floating’ roof which is visually disconnected from the body, making the use of two tone colour schemes more impactful than ever before.

2013 Vauxhall Adam Price :
2013 Vauxhall Adam Price. – Now, that we got the details out of the way, time to have a look at the car’s availability and expected price tag. If the Vauxhall ADAM 2013 appears to be right up your alley then you should know that this lively city car will not hit dealerships until January 2013. The city car is expected to make its debut at this year’s Paris Motor Show in September, but as far as far as pricing goes, evidently the carmaker has not shared much information regarding the matter. However, the expected price is somewhere around £9000.

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2013 Vauxhall Adam Interior :
2013 Vauxhall Adam Interior. – In particular, the system utilizes state of the art seven inch, full colour touch screen display. Thanks to it the driver and the passenger next to them can quickly access the variety of on board controls. Next, the technologies included here are also unique to the segment. An example is the Advanced Park Assist II system. With its help the drivers switch on the system with a button on the dashboard and it tells them when they reach a parking space large enough to accommodate the car.

Adam comes equipped with a front suspension created by MacPherson and with a compound crank system at the rear. The wheels are in sizes from 16 to 18 inch, and cars that are specified with 17 or 18 inch rims come as standard with the lowered sports chassis.

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2013 Vauxhall Adam Exterior :
2013 Vauxhall Adam Exterior. – We’ve done a triple-take with the Opel/Vauxhall Adam, and after two rounds of grainy spy shots, this third official look brings the car into crisp, clear focus. From the looks of these photos, we like it a bit more than we thought we did initially. Yes, it’s got plenty of Audi A1 going on in that greenhouse. Yes, there’s a lot going on with sculpting outside and inside. Yes, customers might want to be very careful about how they choose their colors among the more than one million color and trim options yes, your read that corectly: more than one million. But we’ll say again, we like it (though in fairness the front end is likely to divide opinions).

Vauxhall Adam body specification is 3.7 meters length and 1.7 meters width, which places it pretty much in the Mini Hatchback league. In terms of exterior design the Vauxhall comes with a two one color scheme, a front grille that resembles the one found on the Opel Speedster and a styling line along the sills similar to that found on the Insignia. Lastly, the Vauxhall Adam 2013 boasts with optional LED daytime running lights, a feature rarely seen on cars of this segment. Vauxhall’s city car is offered with three sets of wheels ranging from 16, to 17 and 18 inches.

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2013 Vauxhall Adam Engine :
2013 Vauxhall Adam Engine.2013 Vauxhall Adam will be powered with three efficient ecoFLEX four-cylinder petrol engines option includes 1.2 liter engine which can generate 69 horsepower or a 1.4 liter unit that is able to generate either 86 or 99 horsepower. All Vauxhall Adam engine options will be supported with a five-speed manual transmission and an optional Start/Stop technology.

The four-cylinder gasoline engines available at launch will be taken from the Corsa lineup and paired with a five speed manual: a 1.2 liter with 69 horsepower and two 1.4 liters, one with 86 hp and one with 99 hp. It will be a year before we see the three cylinder engines co developed with SAIC.

Vauxhall ADAM will be offered with a choice of three efficient ecoFLEX four cylinder petrol engines from launch: a 1.2 litre 70PS, plus two 1.4 litre engines with either 87PS or 100PS. All will be available with optional Start/Stop technology and will be mated to a five speed manual gearbox. Later on, ADAM will be the first car in Vauxhall’s range to adopt the new generation small petrol engine, featuring direct injection and forced induction, and an all new six speed gearbox. Source: autoblog.com, netcarshow.com, Neocarsuv.blogspot.com.

Review Pictures Specifications, Interior, Exterior, Engine of 2013 Vauxhall Adam :

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